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Do You Like Noise?! The Unabeefer's old band....
« on: June 16, 2010, 04:12:42 PM »
I was in an "Experimental Noise" band (a two-person band) for quite a few years...  Had a decent following in Reno and then toured Japan for a few weeks, where apparently people still pass around our crap (go figure).

I just found a new blog post from a guy I know... and he for some reason decided to post a slightly incorrect biography of my old band.  The important part, I guess, is that he posted a link to download one of our albums in a rar file.

(the article):
(the download):

Personally, I tended to describe us as "a chaotic mess with a beat" but there really was a lot more organisation than it would seem.  All of the recordings were done with one guitar with 2-5 strings, usually tuned way too low or way too high, and a very simple drum set.  We did our best to never overdub anything but vocals... so any of the overlapping was simply studio tricks with crossed amps or pedals.  For example, one song had an extra amp and delay pedal, piped back into itself for an endless loop of noise.

I was the drummer and my friend Tom played guitar.  While I pretty much played straight-forward "punk" beats, as time went on I started forming a bit more intricate beats that essentially were too much for me to play as quickly as I did.  Tom's guitar "solos" were well-known for being feedback or he'd set his guitar down to drink some Gatorade and talk to someone while I kept going... OR most commonly, he'd just throw his guitar at a wall or me.  All of our gear was bought at pawn shops or from people who just didn't want their stuff anymore, as it was bound to just end up in a million little pieces.

Our local music scene was actually pretty decently sized, but we had been banned from all but two local venues... most notably Tower Records and an indie record shop allowed us to play still.  Everywhere else refused to let us play, for fear of their stuff being destroyed.  Eventually we stopped clearing out places and people started actually coming to see us... which still confuses me.  Personally, I attribute this to our local "scene" newspaper stating in big letters "Botchii Is God" as a headline.  That got us free tacos at Taco Bell, anyways......

Our shows were well known for being more of an "experience" than a concert...  and would frequently begin with the sound of Tom detuning his low string to sound like a deep rumbling rubber band, and then turning on some feedback for a few minutes while people started milling in.............   One show in particular, I simply played drums while Tom ate Laffy Taffy and tried to read the jokes with a mouth-full of taffy, the juice spilling down his face.  Another show was nothing but us very very cruelly mocking each and every other local band we could think of and then playing a pitch-perfect Korn cover that even we didn't know we knew how to play.  VERY bad magic shows and ventriloquist acts were common for our shows.... and eventually, we employed one friend to just sit on-stage with an unplugged bass or vaccum cleaner and drink beer.

My personal favourite part of playing in this band was when I had a 24 inch china trash cymbal i used as a ride (if you know anything about drums, you're cringing right now).  I would save this through an entire show for one specific point in a song: After a lull the song would immediately burst into noise, and that's when I would look up and watch as EVERY person in the audience jumped back a foot.

Anyways.... we sold tshirts that said "I need a girlfriend" and bumper stickers that said "Sometimes good bands just SUCK"

I am personally pushing for a "reunion" show, where we get on stage with a list of every song we ever played, and just try to remember how to play them in front of everyone.  No review, no practice.........  OH!!!  NOW I remember why I posted this here.  EVERY practice we EVER had consisted of us watching MST3k.  That was it...  we'd watch an episode and say "Well, that was a good practice."

What are we doing now?!  Well, we've recently recorded a couple rap songs.... one about Aquafresh, pie, and illiteracy.... another about ghetto-blasters.  I think we may be going back to just recording.... maybe with instruments again.  I don't know really.  I have been starting an Archive of ALL of the various songs and versions.... Someday I'll finish it.

Download the album if you really want to hear something interesting.  We made some MUCH better songs after that was released, but a lot of it simply sits on a disc in my room.  The tracks are tagged with the track numbers....  Feel very free to let me know if you think it sucks, because we very greatly accept negative comments.  Actually, I quit the band years ago, but I still love hearing what people think of it.  I guess you can call it a labour of love.
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