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Doctor Who: THE MOVIE! Now with 20% More Stupidity
« on: April 15, 2010, 01:19:12 PM »
When Doctor Who fans, are saying this is the worst thing to bear the doctor who title...that's a bad sign. I'm not a fan of Doctor Who, never have been, but hey, it's a cheesy sci fi show. It's somehting to watch, and remember the days of sci fi shows like The Twilight Zone. The movie, is really, really stupid. We start off with the doctor in his victorian furniture themed tardis, and something goes wrong. The doctor lands on earth, and gets shot. He regenerates unsure of who he is, so what does he do? He stalks the doctor that gave him an operation, mentally scarring her and her ideas of reality for the rest of her life. Oh yes, this doctor is female. So you know it's the love interest of the movie. Meanwhile, we find out the doctor's evil timelord enemy, the master has escaped and is back, taking the form of a human body, and on the search for The Doctor.

So, right now, it's quite a generic movie plot. Doctor gets shot, doctor regnerates, needs to remember who he is, and his enemy is after him to rule the world. Basic good guy, bad guy stuff going down.

Well The Master manages to trick a young boy, who helped the doctor get to the hospital, into thinking the doctor is evil. The boy then opens the eye of harmony...this eye of harmony, is set to destroy the universe as we know it by midnight, and what day is it? it's december 31, 1999 of course! We're all going to be killed on New Years. Quick question, why does the doctor have this in his tardis? I mean, if you talk about this in Doctor Who logic, although there is very little. The timelords built this eye of hamrony, purposely, just incase they needed to blow up the universe. Ok, many doctor who fanboys who've seen this film will be saying "but they need a human eye to open it"...ok, another problem there. The Doctor is ALWAYS taking a human companion with him. If they always give the "WOW, it's bigger on the inside " reaction, when they just walk into the Tardis...how would they react seeing the eye of harmony? They're going to want to open that thing.

Anyway long story short, The doctor and the female doctor fall in love, she helps him find out who he is, they go after the Master, they face off in the tardis. There's this one moment where we're supposed to think the master's won because he's brainwashed the girl, but the doctor beats him anyway. The Doctor then scarrs the woman even more by brekaing her heart and leaving forever, never to be seen again.

This movie is quite linear, Doctor regenerates, doctor loses memory, master escapes, master does evil things to make world go boom, doctor falls in love, love interest and doctor face off with master, doctor wins.
 Even then, with that kind of linearity, it manages to baffle the human mind. If timelords made a movie this would be it, because it's stupid and confusing as hell.