Author Topic: Ok I have my last $4 spending money for a long time,is this one worth it?  (Read 924 times)

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Doctor Who?

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I mean this will be the last rifftrack I can buy for 6 months maybe more so is this one worth it.  I find Twilight to be painful is this one funny enough to be worth it?  Thanks.

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Tough call.  If ever I were to feel like Rosalie....  ARRRRRRRGH!!  I hate myself for inviting the comparison!  >_<

For this reason alone, I would hold off, unless you are dying to know what the sequal was like.  I enjoyed them lambasting Twilight, and they knew their audience was all for skewering this one since the Riff was out before the movie went on sale, so, if your curiosity is compelling you and you wont be able to sleep without getting it, then, yes.

I would reccommend seeing the movie unriffed, first.

If you haven't yet seen the movie and can wait, I'd wait.  It me....okay, at first.  I think I watched it 7 or 8 times, though, and, it grew on me each time, but, I don't think it was their absolute best.  I ranked it an 8, but, most people who participated rated it 9 or 10.

Who knows what they'll come out with in 6 months time.  Let me put it this way, is there any movie out there that you would LOVE to see them do, that they have a possibility of doing by October?  Any movie that came out last week to any movie that came out since the beginning of recorded film, save it for then ("Avatar" comes to mind).

If you absolutely have NO desire to see any other movie riffed, at all, but, you would LOVE to see this movie riffed, buy it.

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I would definitely recommend it. The commentary had me laughing out loud several times. Either that or I'm just easily amused.
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