Author Topic: I noticed MST3K is on hulu now ! check it out while you can ! Isnt hulu grand  (Read 556 times)

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MST was an awesome show up till the end when they started changing characters ect. Im glad to be watching it again . Had most of the dvds but got robbed and the bastards took all my movie ! Complete kids in the hall, mst3k , some cool laser discs i found at flea markets . I cried. Guess Im still crying inside a little lol .

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Hey, since I'm here:

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Between Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, and the web sites of the individual networks, I dont even need TV anymore - and I am not the only one which is why the traditional "content providers" aka cable companies are scared out of their wits.  That was what motivated Comcast to buy NBCU and rebrand of their digital services as Xfinity.

Sucks about you getting robbed - if my collection of DVDs were stolen, I would go nuts and become a street vigilanty until I tracked down and rescued every single disc of Battlestar Galactica, The Office, and my Tom Clancy wifes crappy Barry Manilow DVDs can burn in hell though.

"I love you Braaaaaaaaaak!!!"

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I had about half of my DVDs stolen a couple years ago. Lost a few OOP discs, but luckily they didn't notice that I kept the box sets in a different place.