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Jacqueline Carey!
« on: February 20, 2010, 03:17:40 PM »
*Dance*  I just ordered my PERSONALIZED SIGNED copy of the new Jacqueline Carey book, due out in June!!! I'm so fantastically excited!!!

For those of you that have never read her books, you should go out and check them out. Right now. The book to start with is called Kushiel's Dart. This series is my favorite book series EVER-it's phenomenal, and her language and wordplay is astounding. It does contain a lot of adult material in it, though, which I always make sure I mention in case people have problems or get offended by adult material. But if you don't....go and check her out!!! And feel happy for me, 'cause I'm 1 of 75 that get a personalized signed first edition copy of her favorite author's new book! Yay.  ;D