Author Topic: The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction...  (Read 308 times)

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The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction...
« on: January 06, 2010, 02:07:08 PM »
The other day, someone had told me about a year-in-review report on the news.  In it  they made mention of celebrities that had passed on in '09.  On eof the names mentioned was long time radio personality Paul Harvey.  I was only half listening, and thought that the person was wondering  out loud IF Mr. Harvey had passed away or not.  I went to IMDb.com to check it out, which was odd because I can't honestly remember Paul ever appearing in either TV or the movies.

As I was conducting my search I came up with a bout a half-dozen 'other' Paul Harveys, but one in particular stood out.  This Paul Harvey was credited, amongst other things, the Art Director for the movie 'Angel's Brigade': A.K.A: 'Angel's Revenge'.  Yes, dear friends, THAT Angel's Revenge..

That conjured some rather odd images of the famous Mr. Harvey designing set for that low-budget crap-stavaganza.  But then I remembered the late, great Jim Backus' cameo, which took my train of thought on a rather unusual side trip. 

I remembered that there was a plan to come out with an unnecessary movie remake of Gilligan's Island in 2011.  While there I noticed a search result for a movie that I only vaguely remember.  It was called, 'The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island'  It came out in 1981. What caught my attention was an annotaion about said film and a subsequent bit of trivia.

According to the entry, the movie was originally written to be 'The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Gilligan's Island'.  However, for unexplained reasons, they were unavailable at the time.  What kind of leap in logic was made by either a studio head, producer, or perhaps director to make that call, Hmmm?       

Also, apparently, Tina Louise either chose not to, or was never asked to reprise her role as Ginger Grant, for another actress' name appears there, a miss Constance Forslund, instead of hers.  But that wasn't half as surprising as the bit of trivia the I found out about the casting for that role.

It seems that at one time or other, none other than Cassandra Peterson auditioned for the role of Ginger...

...and now my friends, you know...  ...the rest of the story...