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The path less-travelled
« on: December 30, 2009, 11:59:44 AM »
I remember years ago watching "The Wild World of Batwoman", and it seemed to me like the "professor" in that film
looked alot like Dr. Clayton T. Forrester.  Too bad they didn't pick-up on that when they were preparing their "treatment"
and pondered if it was his dad or grampaw, or him in a slightly-different guise.
Also, I once wrote the show and suggested they go "live", like Soupy Sales and the better episodes of Ernie Kovacs,
as well as classic talk shows.  Meaning, if they blow a joke, they press on regardless, and comment on their blown comment.
And if something goes wrong, like Tom Servo's head falls off or a piece of the set decomposes, you hear the crew
laughing in the background.  Then the host could say something such say, "That's the last time we hire Teamsters
to build this stupid set!", etc. 
The live audience performances, such as the recent Christmas RiffTrax Special, prove that working WITH an audience
(even if just the folks on-set) CAN work, and hilariously-so!