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So there is something I cannot figure out.
« on: December 23, 2009, 01:15:27 PM »
Bugs Meany had one goal in life.  It was to get even with Encyclopedia.

Bugs hated being outsmarted.  He longed to pound the top of Encyclopedia's head till the detective could pull up his socks by lifting his eyebrows.

But Bugs never used force.  Whenever he felt like it, he thought twice about Encyclopedia's partner, Sally Kimball.  Once for each of her fists.

Sally was not only the prettiest girl in the fifth grade, but the best athlete.  She could do what Bugs never dreamed possible.  Flatten him.

Whenever they fought, the toughest Tiger ended on the ground mumbling about railroad crossings.

"Bugs won't forgive you," Encyclopedia warned Sally.  "He'll never live down the lickings you gave him."

The two detectives were seated in the Brown garage.  They were discussing the mysterious telephone call each had received during the week.

Monday a boy had called and asked Encyclopedia to meet him on important business at the Indian Burial Grounds at three o' clock that afternoon.  The boy did not show up.

Yesterday Sally had received a call from a boy asking her to meet him at the old deserted airstrip at seven o' clock that evening.  Like Encyclopedia, she had waited without seeing a soul.

"Bugs Meany is behind this," said Sally.  "It's some kind of plot to get revenge."

Just then a police car stopped in the driveway.  Bugs and Officer Culp got out.

"There they are!" hollered Bugs.  "Mr. Brains and Miss Muscles.  Private detectives, my eyeball!  They should be in jail!"

"What's he shouting about?" asked Encyclopedia.

"Bugs claims that you go along the streets saving drivers from five-dollar parking fines," said Officer Culp.  "He says you put dimes in meteres and leave a card like this."

He gave Encyclopedia a card.  It read:

Hi!  You have just been saved from a $5 parking ticket by the Robin Hood parking aid.  Your time on the meter had run out.  Could you please send $2 so I may continue to bring you and others this service?

The card was signed "Robin Hood."  The address given was Encyclopedia's home, 13 Rover Avenue, Idaville.

"He must be raking in money," said Bugs.  "I'll bet he doesn't report a cent of it to the government!"

Officer Culp seemed uncomfortable.  "I'm not sure if any law has been broken," he said.  "We'll have to let a judge decide."

"Man, oh, man!" exclaimed Bugs.  "The son of our police chief dragged into court!  What a disgrace!"

"You don't have a shred of proof," Encyclopedia protested.

"I had proof," retorted Bugs.  "Monday afternoon about three o'clock I took movies of you feeding a parking meter.  But this screwy dame stole the film."

"I did what?" gasped Sally.

Officer Culp broke in.  "Bugs claims he picked up the developed film yesterday.  At seven o'clock in the evening he showed it in his living room to his pals."

"Just as the film ended, you jumped through the window," Bugs said to Sally.  "You grabbeed the reel right off the movie projector."

"You're lying through the hole in your head!" cried Sally.  "This is a dirty trick to get us in trouble."

"I chased you across my backyard," went on Bugs.  "When you passed under the streetlight, I saw that you didn't have the film anymore.  You must have got scared and tossed it away in the dark."

"Where were you Monday at three o'clock?" Officer Culp asked Encyclopedia.  "And where were you yesterday at seven?" he said to Sally.

Encyclopedia explained about the telephone calls that had drawn him to the Indian Burial Grounds and Sally to the old airstrip.  Neither of them had a witness.

"Some alibis!" jeered Bugs.  "I've heard better ones from a horse with lockjaw."

Officer Culp decided to settle the argument by driving the children to Bugs's house.  He had them search the backyard for the missing reel of film.

After two minutes, Bugs shouted, "I've got it!" He held up a reel of film.  "No wonder I couldn't find it before.  The wind blew a newspaper over it."

Bugs set up a movie projector and screen in his living room.  Grinning, he put on the reel, threaded the film, and clicked the starting switch.

Most of the film showed Bugs and his Tigers making muscles at the beach.

The last bit of film was of a boy dressed in sneakers, jeans, and a red shirt like one of Encyclopedia's.  He put a coin in a parking meter.  Then he tucked a card under the windshield wiper of the car by the meter.

"You saw him with your own eyes!" sang Bugs.

"That doesn't prove anything," objected Sally.  "We never saw the boy's face."

She was plainly worried, however.

"That boy looks like you from the back," she whispered to Encyclopedia.  "Bugs has really built a case against us."

"No, against himself," said Encyclopedia.

So my question is: WHAT WAS BUGS'S MISTAKE?

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Re: So there is something I cannot figure out.
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2009, 06:41:04 PM »
You don't have the back of the book to look at?  I remember this one from years ago:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I know this is an Encyclopedia Brown story, but if you think this puzzle is weird, try Donald J. Sobol's older Two-Minute Mysteries, which were a little more violent (90% of the victims were murdered, generally by "bullet clean through the temple," which means every murderer in his world is an excellent marksman), but sometimes had REALLY ridiculous solutions.  One in particular I remember was one where a person was murdered, and the neighbor across the street saw the whole thing.  Turns out she was a liar.  How do we know?  Because she saw the event through a window while walking upstairs to put her brand new gift, a fur coat, into the closet.  And, according to the official solution on the next page, "a woman would never immediately put away a brand new fur coat in the closet.  She would first put it on and purr over it."

Try using that evidence in court and see where it gets you.   ;D
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Re: So there is something I cannot figure out.
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2009, 08:36:59 PM »
The answers are at the back of the book?  Damnit.  That would have saved me so much time.

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Re: So there is something I cannot figure out.
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2010, 06:19:15 PM »
The answers are at the back of the book?  Damnit.  That would have saved me so much time.


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