Author Topic: Anyone have 1st gen VHS copies of eps 108, 110-113, 309, 314, or 517?  (Read 594 times)

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I finally thought to post this 'search'.  I do hope that this doesn't offend our riffing overlords (I wouldn't expect it to, since Best Brains basically said they wouldn't prosecute DAP for distributing these, but I wouldn't want to be mistaken and cause distress for anyone).

DAP Central www.dapcentral.org (the only reasonable place to get good quality MSTs that aren't available commercially to hold you over til they ARE available commercially) needs those episodes.  These are the ONLY episodes they still need (other than the first 3 KTMA ones and possibly the 1/2-hour specials... which you could offer them as well).

from their forum http://www.dapcentral.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB_14&file=index&action=viewtopic&topic=1959&start=315&329:

And please take the quote 'low priority' for 309 and 517 to mean that they'd prefer the others 'first', rather than that they are no big deal.  Because with 309 and 517 out of print officially, this IS the only place they'd be available in clean transfers, IF you have a good quality off-air copy they could rip from I'm sure they'd be pleased as punch to get hold of them.

If you have any, contact them via the bottom entry on their FAQ page: http://www.dapcentral.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=FAQ&file=index&myfaq=yes&id_cat=28&categories=DAP+MST3K+DVD+Project&parent_id=0

No need to contact me.  I have no affiliation with them other than being very grateful for their work, and wanting to help.

EDIT:  If anyone cares, this is something I wrote in a different thread that prompted me to start this one...
What I was referring to was that, while not giving official permission to release Best Brains shows, I read on the DAP Central site a while back that Best Brains actually contacted them after a 'reasonable delay' to let them know that if they could find a videotaped off-air copy of MST3K 319 Amazing Colossal Man that - effectively - they wouldn't prosecute them for distributing it, since the Rhino one had LONG been unavailable (and was unlikely to ever be available again).

The reason it's 'grey area' is because the original filmmakers/studio didn't give equal permission.

I think Best Brains trusts DAP Central so much because they immediately take down any shows that are released officially on DVD.  So they aren't interfering with that revenue stream.  And I'm pretty sure that those at Best Brains know that only die-hard MST fans will even find the DAP Central site, and those same die-hard fans will buy the DVDs even if they got the DAP Central copies [I have] so they still won't lose money via DAP's distributing them, they'll just have happier fans in the meantime.   ;D
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