Author Topic: Rifftrax Player Uninstall Tip!  (Read 1184 times)

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Rifftrax Player Uninstall Tip!
« on: October 05, 2009, 02:13:14 AM »
I've been trying to uninstall the Rifftrax Player for over a year now, and today ... it finally happened!  And if I'm not mistaken, it would have happened every time I tried before had I not been impatient!

Here's the deal:

A lot of people have the same issue when they try to uninstall the Rifftrax Player; an error message appears saying it timed out or couldn't connect to the server, and a few seconds to a few minutes later another message appears saying there's been another error (something tried to do something that was forbidden, or something like that).  What most people probably do is, after one or both of the messages, click "OK", then click "cancel" in the Uninstall window.  A lot of folks have also said that after the error message, if they click "Cancel", the uninstall box freezes and they have to use Task Manager to close the program.

Here's the thing ... the Uninstaller might not be frozen.  Tonight, what happened was, I clicked OK to the first error, and waited.  The second error appeared, and once again I clicked OK, and waited.  After a few more minutes of doing nothing, the Uninstaller said the program had successfully completed the application (or something like that, sorry, I didn't note the exact words).  As it turns out, despite the error messages, the uninstaller was actually still working, and only appeared to be stalled out or frozen!

SO ... If you're trying to uninstall the program and get those error messages, just accept the message, click OK, and wait it out ... it will probably uninstall!!

Hope this helps someone else ... I just can't believe it took me over a year to wait the stinkin' program out, ha-ha!  :highfive: