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Archetype - Dawning
« on: January 02, 2007, 01:13:22 PM »
Any fans of progressive, technical metal here?

I have the release for you:

Archetype are a metal band from Ohio, and this album is a re-issue of their first CD. They re-recorded the material, I assume for the better, having not heard the original. They have since replaced the singer, and are due to release their second full-length album sometime early this year. This album is mid to fast paced, "metal for your mind". The song structures are adequately complex, though not overtly technical. There are enough progressive elements present to keep things interesting. The lead guitarist is also the songwriter, and he has crafted a very nice piece of work here. He makes time for some decent solo work, though there is little to no bending of notes: don't expect Yngwie. Drums are plentiful, but not overdone, with effective use of high hat + ride cymbals. The production values are solid, fairly forward and clean. Vocals are in a Power Metal vein, but not too sing-songy.

I have listened to it from start to finish many times now, and it just keeps getting better. It doesn't require intense listening sessions to process all the information, so you can casually listen to it and get plenty in return. I just ordered it from a seller on Amazon, and it should be arriving within the week.   ;D

You can check out their sound on MySpace here:

Or on their official website here: