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Shiny Toy Suck
« on: January 31, 2009, 02:35:55 AM »
Shiny Toy Guns' new album is horrible. Horribly average anyway. And I knew this was going to happen when I read about this jerk's revolving door of whores/singers (he throws them away like used whores). I said I bet he changes the singer for the next album and it bombs. Don't know about bombing, but it sure sucks. The new singer is barely allowed to make a peep, Katie Holmes style, and when she does, she's bland as 10 year old college ruled paper. There's not a hit on the album and the songs are not just mediocre, they're pretentious. To the point of there being a PIPE ORGAN SONG. It doesn't help that Jeremy has an awfully generic voice to the point of annoyance, and he sings on almost all the tracks. I feel like this guy must be an egomaniac and a control freak. He's too cocky to realize the only reason for the last album's popularity (besides actually having some decent pop on it) is the girl singer and the lyrics she was singing. She was going to fuck up boys' egos and make them cry! (If he wrote those lyrics, then I'm impressed and disgusted at the same time.) With all that gone, this band has nothing. Huge, huge disappointment.

Reminds me of when I thought Savage Garden had the potential to be the next Erasure, but they were satisfied being the boy band people always mistook Duran Duran for. They did have potential, but they never gave their music the extra push or edge it needed, and it wound up being just above average dance pop for teenage girls (and only for the time, not compared to average dance pop when the average was really good).