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Johnny Unusual:

--- Quote from: Darth Geek on November 18, 2018, 05:53:49 PM ---I thought he didn't have anything to do with creating Deadpool?

--- End quote ---

Correct.  Also, did you know that other superhero names start with e?  He didn't create Captain America either but he wrote Cap stories (including some very early ones) at least.  Also, NO Fantastic Four?  This shirt owes me a "no prize".

Edward J Grug III:
Huge news!

Johnny Unusual:
That's a pretty big deal for a good price.  I hope they are encouraged to start translating some older stuff.  I understand why Kinnikuman might not be high on their list of priorities (the art in the first few years is pretty amatuerish) but I love it.

Edward J Grug III:

--- Quote from: Edward J Grug III on December 09, 2018, 01:12:50 AM ---Huge news!

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It's live now!

Johnny Unusual:
It took me a week but I finished all 41 chapters of Stray Bullets (the Uber Alles editon. Haven't gotten to Sunshine and Roses or those other series). Mostly, I liked it. Very interesting noir stories. The first few chapters are extremely bleak but while I definitely wouldn't call the stories that follow happy-go-lucky (especially the Dark Days arc) but there is much more humour to it afterward (especially the "Amy Racecar" chapters). It doesn't all age well (gay representation is limited exclusively to sociopathic bullies), but despite it's faults, Virginia Applejack is a great noir character. My one disappointment is that you'd think with so much time, Ginny mom or sister might get more depth than being awful, but they never really do.

I also liked the last chapter of the Derring-Do! arc, but it does feel, relatively speaking, designed to be a bit of crowd-pleasing bit of catharsis to potentially end the series. Will get to the more recent arcs someday.

Next, I'm going to read one of my Christmas gifts, a Josephine Baker comic biography. Looking forward to it.


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