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Johnny Unusual:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)To be fair, it was millions to save billions.  Also, aside from Rorsarch's journal, how can you be so sure.  What would tip people off exactly?

Doctor Who?:
Oh I don't know maybe the fact that we will never see any alien?!

Also if Russia was willing to nuke the world to win they aren't going to let a little thing like aliens that noone ever sees stop them forever.

I'm sorry but it was an insane plan.

I'm pretty sure also at some point people in the states would start saying 'What if it was the Russians and they were just trying to make it look like aliens so we wouldn't nuke them back?"

I'm sorry i just can't see the plan working in the long run.

a pretty girl is like:
The insanity of the plan is kinda the point (one of them anyway).  The ludicrousness of that certain comic book trope is one of the things Alan Moore wanted to highlight.

Doctor Who?:
Oh Ok I guess.

What i was mainly trying to say is that I have heard people say that there is no way to do a sequel to Watchmen but I think there are lots of places you can go with the story.

Really good read.

Johnny Unusual:
Just necroing with coming big news:

the art for the final issue of planetary is done.  Now it's just got to be coloured and such (which hopefully won't take another 2 years).

Not an April Fools gag, although Warren Ellis felt dumb for putting the news on his blog and then forgeting some people might draw some conclusions on the long awaited final issue.


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