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Johnny Unusual:
This is just a generic comic book thread.  It may be used to talk about comics.

I just had a friend who read Watchmen for the first time and I asked him if he liked the ending.  His response was "yeah..."

Me: "But..."

Big Spoiler
Spoiler (click to show/hide)"You know, Rorscharch"

Ah.  Well, you know, he did have to die

"Well, Dr. Manhattan could have put him on Mars."

Yeah, but then he would be unable to fight and be how he is.  He would be impotent and he'd rather be dead than impotent.

"Yeah, but still."

Interesting, he felt the same way when

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Morpheus died in Sandman
The only time I cried reading a comic was during the final volume of Y - The Last Man.  I actually cried twice.

So how do you feel about Shia LeBeouf playing Yorick in the movie then?   :)

Johnny Unusual:
I'm fairly indifferent.  I don't have an opinion on him on way or the other so I'll just wait and see.

I annoyingly seemed to miss hearing about one of the titles I follow being relaunched, 'Supreme Power 2' got underway a few months ago, will have to keep an eye open to see if it lasts very long.

I read BPRD Killing Ground a few days ago, enjoyed that, though I couldn't help thinking they have essentially ignored the Frog Plague for a few issues now.

I've started reading Vertigo's Fables recently, and in my opinion it's nothing sort of fantastic and Frau Totenkinder is awesome.


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