Author Topic: Apocalypto= Amazing film.  (Read 3547 times)

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Re: Apocalypto= Amazing film.
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2006, 03:48:31 AM »
So, has Gibson finally learned to make movies? I found Braveheart and Passion to be absolute stinkers in almost every aspect. That would be why I was prepared to ignore this one, but the rabid antisemitism of its creator isn't a bad reason either, come to think of it.
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Re: Apocalypto= Amazing film.
« Reply #16 on: December 18, 2006, 03:11:38 PM »
It's a good film.  It's long, but it doesn't feel long.  It will keep your attention and keep you very excited.  It's also human and beautioful.  But don't take it for historically accurate, and don't see it as an accurate portrayal of a people.  And please don't end up thinking that the Mayan civilization destroyed itself.  Look at it as fiction and you just might be impressed. 

I never saw Braveheart, and I only saw bits of the Passion, which I didn't care for.  This, however, I did.