Author Topic: Ladies and Gentlemen, the worst movie of 2007.  (Read 10186 times)

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Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the worst movie of 2007.
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Aint it cool news had a script review sometime back concerning the first of the four movies.  It revolved around bender being the only retained employee of Planet Express after its bought out and he spends the rest of the movie robbing things throughout time (a la Time Bandits). 

My guess is this is it, and it will be in 30-minute episode bites on Comedy Central.

Here's the review:

I trust AICN these days as far as I can throw 'em. They're slower than all the other movie / geek sites, and their script reviews are not always the ones that make it to production. I would just say, read that review with a grain of salt. It was from August and from what I recall, things were more or less changing every day up until much more recently.

What I have heard, is basically what Pakky said. It's really 4 movies, sliced into 4 episodes apiece. Comedy Central will be the first to air them (and I'd imagine maybe Fox getting syndication rights, but who knows.).  All in all it's been pretty quiet on the news front. I generally check as they seem to be on top of things the moment they're out. Which, as I mentioned, hasn't been that much lately.
Did you know they ran that SomethingAwful bit I posted as a leaked script for half an hour? Clearly, they're not too careful about sources.

And I just really, really hope Futurama stays as good as it was- if it turns all awful like the Simpsons did, I'll have very little hope for the future.

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Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the worst movie of 2007.
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Yeah, something like 13 actual episodes?  So if you do the math, that's...260 minutes, which is about 4 hours and 20 mins, yes?

I'm just wondering how that = 4 "movies".

I've got an idea. Start by guessing a number then show how calculations from that number can't possibly be what the TV company are considering, even though they've not announced how many episodes there are yet. Oh wait, you did that already.

Epic Movie looks so bad I think they should market it as a deliberately bad movie.
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Re: Ladies and Gentlemen, the worst movie of 2007.
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