Author Topic: WOOOO! I just beat ________!!!!!  (Read 67976 times)

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Re: WOOOO! I just beat ________!!!!!
« Reply #585 on: July 11, 2017, 02:09:03 PM »
Though I have to admit, I did find it hilarious that you engage Wallace Shawn in a battle of wits at the end.

With poisoned goblets no less....  I kept wanting him to say "YOU solved that puzzle?  Inconceivable!".  ;D

Chapter 4 was certainly the worst as far as game play, at least for a little while in chapter 5 they got back to normal while looking for the keys.

The Epilogue was fun.

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Re: WOOOO! I just beat ________!!!!!
« Reply #586 on: July 11, 2017, 03:22:22 PM »
I made the mistake of purchasing the first episode on its own just to try it out, then getting the season pass add-on. If you did that, the epilogue wasn't included. That was only for people who bought the complete collection up-front. Their reasoning for that was that about a month in, they started offering the first episode for free, so the epilogue was only for people who paid full price. Except I paid a little bit MORE than full price, and begged them to offer it as a paid add-on. Still hasn't happened. My only hope now is to buy the complete collection over again. When a Steam sale knocks it down to about $5, I'm taking the plunge.

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Re: WOOOO! I just beat ________!!!!!
« Reply #587 on: August 11, 2017, 04:40:17 PM »
I beat Hellblade last night.  It remains my favorite game of 2017, and my opinion of it has only increased since the mid game review I posted in the Game News thread that I've spoilered bellow.  All of those things still stand, but I wanted to say a bit more about the story.

One of the central aspects of the story is that the main character, Senua, suffers from psychosis.  That's a very tough subject, but Ninja Theory did a lot of research and listened to experts and some people who have similar symptoms as Senua.  They did a very careful and respectful job of incorporating the information they gathered on what it actually feels like to hear voices, or to suffer from delusions.

Senua's mental state isn't treated like a super power, but it's also not entirely negative.  Sometimes the way she sees the world is horrifying, but sometimes it's quite beautiful.  Sometimes the voices she hears are negative and scary, but sometimes they are helpful.  The game does a great job of putting you in the head space of someone who hears voices, suffers from delusions and often hallucinates.  So much so that you start to feel that these voices, delusions and hallucinations are normal, and that's just how Senua's world works.  Which is how someone who actually suffers from those things would feel.

I highly recommend this game.  It's an experience that's going to stay with me for quite some time.

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