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Answers to Questions
« on: August 20, 2008, 01:14:56 PM »
We'll keep this section updated with answers to some of the questions we receive, so everyone can see them.  Locked so thread stays useful:

1.  Regarding "offensive" or "explicit" iRiff content - when you are able to upload your iRiff in October, part of the submission form will involve a checkbox for mature content.  (Until then, you should just tell us in your email). You'll also be able to flag any iRiffs you download that you feel misrepresent this fact.  We won't be listening to them to see, so you'll have to accurately report this.  There is obviously no concrete definition of this, so use your best judgment and be reasonable. Remember that  "offensive" is subjective, but "explicit" is not.

2.  Theme music - If you want to use some, don't use ours, use your own.  It'll help you establish your own identity.

3. Video Format. - iRiff videos will be available in mp4 format, drm-free.  Your video will be converted to this format when you upload it.

4.  Tax Forms - Regardless of your tax filing status, you still need to fill out forms for our tax filing status.  You will need to submit a W-9 form.

5.  Net Profits - RiffTrax splits the net profits with iRiff submitters 50/50.  Net profits are defined as the cost of the item minus all associated credit card or paypal transation fees
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