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Title: Totaly Awsome ? Totaly Sucks !
Post by: LethalCheddar on November 14, 2006, 02:37:08 AM
  Hey guys has anyone else seen this turkey?  I thought since the co-writer of Chappeles show wrote it it would be funny .  No it was a painfull experience.  And what really sucked was the fact that I had to buy it as no one rented it (that should have been a clue).  So has anyone else seen this movie.  And if so what did you think ?
Title: Re: Totaly Awsome ? Totaly Sucks !
Post by: Minnesota on November 15, 2006, 09:09:18 PM
I thought the previews looked pretty awful so I'm not surprised. I love Chappel's Show, so its too bad Neal's movie stinks
Title: Re: Totaly Awsome ? Totaly Sucks !
Post by: Sharktopus on November 16, 2006, 01:13:16 AM
Chappelle's Show had writers? I just figured Dave would get real stoned and say "Man, y'know what'd be funny?" Maybe that's what they all did. It would explain a lot.
Title: Re: Totaly Awsome ? Totaly Sucks !
Post by: TENEBRE on November 16, 2006, 04:52:17 AM
How bad does something have to be for the funniest person in it to be Chris Kattan? I already saw this movie before and it was called 'Not Another Teen Movie'.

As many staples of the 80s that VH1 threw at this movie they wasted more opportunities than they'll ever know.  James Hong (who played Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China) was totally wasted also. Trevor Heins made me laugh, but only because he reminded me of his brilliant stint on Wonder Showzen. Joey Kern (Cabin Fever) as always looks like he'd fit better in the 70s with that hair than 80s, 90s or 21st century. Tracy Morgan just wasn't funny, they had some potential when milking the premise of Soul Man but never took full advantage of the source material.

The so-called main character is made out to be so pathetic and unlikable I was actually rooting for Kern (who I hate anyway) to beat him up just because. Tone Loc and his original version of 'Wild Thing' was one of the worst executed jokes I've seen in the last 10 years of comedy (that includes watching 'Date Movie'). And I don't see how this was low budget with a cast of about eighty guest stars, (it feels like). This movie had so much potential to riff off of 80s movies (Howard the Duck, Weekend at Burnie's, Teen Wolf 1 & 2, Buckaroo Bunzai, Staying Alive, The Heavenly Kid, Karate Kid 1-3, Better off Dead, etc..) and didn't follow through with anything aside from a few cameos and bad 80s fashions and dancing, which could've been a lot worse for the sake of better satire.

What niche 'Not Another Teen Movie' didn't cover this film had no intention or little potential to actually fill.
Title: Re: Totaly Awsome ? Totaly Sucks !
Post by: JonnyFrag on November 16, 2006, 06:00:39 AM
While I did not actually watch it all the way through, it was on the television as I was cooking a bunch of Chinese food that night so I heard all of it. The best part for me was the Tone Loc cameo.

I'm talking Crazy Stuff....

the rest was embarassingly not funny