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Title: The Keep? Good or Bad?
Post by: Zardoz! on November 25, 2007, 02:42:12 AM
There's this movie called "the keep" from the 80's, starring Jurgen Prochnow, and I really can't decide how to feel about it...

Every element of it's good to great. Good idea, great acting, great script, great effects for the time, great cinematography, great atmosphere, good music, etc.

When viewed on it's own, every element of this movie seem to be good,  but, somehow, the movie itself just comes off as...flat, somehow, less than the sum of it's parts in a way.

I can't decide if it's a bad movie with lots of good elements, or a good movie with something wrong that I can't define or identify.

Anyone else have any opinion on "the keep"