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Title: Ghosts of Mississippi
Post by: Zardoz! on November 10, 2007, 11:25:35 PM
Lord would I love to see a riff on this piece of shit.

It was just so fucking sanctimonious, pious, self-righteous and over the top it almost made me ill.

I mean, they may as well have had a halo over Alec Baldwin's head, along with a shaft of golden light shining down on him and a choir of angels humming like the monolith scenes in 2001 whenever he was on the screen.

Likewise, James Woods should have had an evil red light shining up from below to make him look evil, and been wearing a satan costume complete with horns, tail, bat wings, cloven hooves, etc.

I mean, it just begs to be parodied for being so fucking pompous...