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Title: Problem Authoring Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Post by: jallan7982 on December 15, 2019, 09:00:41 AM
Looking for any advice - I've used Superdragon's authoring guide for year with success, and 'thought' I was thoroughly familiar with all the steps.  However, JW:FK is kicking my heinie.  No problem with using my DVD to split the files (video and audio are good from Universal to credits).  No problem converting the Audio to WAV, no problem in Audacity editing the tracks together (all work fine, begin to end).  Check my video file again, complete from start to credits.  Convert the Audio to AC3, no problem.  However, then I get my issue - I use IFOEdit, put the video track in, put in the converted AC3 audio track in, put in my chapters that I created when I first duplexed the dvd, and let it do it's thing - but what I get is (a) a file that can't find the ISO when I try the DVD Shrink, and when I test the file, it suddenly stops about 5/6ths through the film - not at the 2 hour mark or some such thing, but always the same point - during the climax of the Chris Pratt running at the big baddie dino on the glass roof before the dino crashes down.  I've tried it 4 times, starting from scratch - everything looks good until the IFOEdit step, and what comes out is crap.  I haven't changed any of the settings, and after the first bad one - I checked all the settings against SuperDragon's old but effective guide, and nothing had changed since I did a fine Raiders of the Lost Ark not 48 hours ago.     Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong here, or what this movie might require beyond the norm?   Thank in advance for any input.
Title: Re: Problem Authoring Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Post by: jallan7982 on December 15, 2019, 02:43:39 PM
If anybody else has this issue - resolved it by re-doing the files using ReJig (from the 'quick version' of the instructions) from the original DVD in Step 1 instead of the DVD Decrypter from the 'full explanation.  Kept my same riffed soundtrack, so after I dumped all the new files aside from the video, I used the Rejig's 2-pass version of the video, along with the chapter files and riffed audio I had earlier created, let ReJig re-author the disc instead of IFO Edit, and it did the trick.  :clap: