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Title: Now Available! NatGeo Total Riff Off Episode 3: Guy and a Goose
Post by: MrTorso on November 10, 2015, 07:48:00 PM


Meet Dominic. He’s in love with a goose. What’s that? You’ll be right back after you alert the authorities? We completely understand.

So like we were saying, this guy is in love with a goose named Maria. He slowly walks around a park and she follows him. It’s riveting. The goose even flies next to him as he rides around on a Vespa. Eventually, Dominic has a severe Vespa accident, possibly because there was an enormous goose flapping around right next to his head while he was trying to drive. Oh, and at some point in time Maria appears in an OK Go music video.

You can’t make this sort of stuff up, nor can you flesh it out to an entire hour long show, so we also riffed some alligator wrangling rednecks and a corpse sniffing dog named Bullwinkle. It’s a whole gaggle of laughs! Watch it with your loved ones, (who are hopefully not geese.)