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Title: This "Riff" is a public service...
Post by: tinnyman on November 14, 2014, 08:11:20 PM
I haven't posted on these forums for quite awhile. But I have been employed to help people for a change, instead of being a lurking, spongy presence. This is the first (last?) episode of "YouTube Videos for The Visually Impaired." At the behest of my employers, I provide needed verbal descriptions of visual elements of popular YouTube videos. But you don't need to be blind to enjoy, just close your eyes (or keep them open, whatever). I was emotionally triggered at a couple of points, so excuse some of the profanity and references to Planned Parenthood (sorry mom). There's a bunch of other crap on the YouTube Channel, I'm not sure what it all is; there's some crap about head injuries, it contains no "riffing" over found video and it confuses me.

Here is a short preview (Straight to the good stuff, My Name is John Daker):

http://youtu.be/w2tIyQC7bas (http://youtu.be/w2tIyQC7bas)

And the full meal deal:

http://youtu.be/QAsSjrTDajY (http://youtu.be/QAsSjrTDajY)