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Title: Rank a Tenkiller
Post by: Trekker4747 on April 21, 2014, 02:29:50 PM

I think this movie has somehow gotten neglected, it came out the same day/afternoon as the NatGeo announcement and I think got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Lots of fun in this Riff and a good outing.

So what gives, guys? Did you watch this or not?!

I rank it an A-
Title: Re: Rank a Tenkiller
Post by: Toyland Chairman on April 21, 2014, 04:30:36 PM
I watched this one, after seeing the film first on youtube. I think I remember the movie more than the riffs. I don't think it was that bad, but certainly benefited from a few good Rifftrax laughs.

camera focusing too much on the answering machine
Title: Re: Rank a Tenkiller
Post by: Trekker4747 on April 21, 2014, 05:18:45 PM
"Well I didn't say sit like that!"

- Bill when Tor sits in short jean shorts displaying is hairy batch.
Title: Re: Rank a Tenkiller
Post by: Trekker4747 on May 15, 2014, 07:15:17 PM
Terror at Tenkiller

This experiment centers around a sorta-creepy movie from the mid-1980s.  Two college girls, one of whom is in an abusive relationship and the other of whom is pushing 40, to to Tenkiller Lake in Oklahoma for their summer vacation, the older college student's (Janna's) family owns a lake cabin there.   Between securing summer employment at the local Breakfasts, Lunch, Catfish diner and discussing docking fees at the dock the girls meet Tor a boatman apprentice at the dock, Tor takes a keen interest in Leslie, the girl with the abusive boyfriend.

Unfortuantely for her, Leslie seems to have a knack for attracting unstable men as Tor turns out to be responsible for a couple a slew of local killings that've happened lately. (Including two of the waitresses at the diner and his journeyman at the docks.)

The movie tries to be eerie and unsettling but it doesn't pull it off too successfully.  It's probably half-way competent but the low production values and cheap casting hurts what probably could've been an interesting suspense movie, even knowing Tor was the killer from an early scene in the movie. 

Poor music, poor production values, poor camera work, poor staging of scenes the movie is a mess.  Thrill as the camera lingers on a quiet phone answering machine for several seconds before a call comes in.  You won't want to go to the bathroom during the intense scene where Jana washes her hair in the kitchen sink for several minutes while ADR keyboard tries to make us believe Tor is playing the harmonica.

The riffing in the movie remains pretty solid throughout giving the guys lots of material to riff on between the movie's rather slow pace, poor acting, and holes pop-up from time to time due to low production values. (A day's worth of lake activities occurs off camera, we're treated to some Second Unit footage instead.)

Some of the common riffs/tropes show up over the course of the movie but they're all very funny and work well here. The guys find plenty to attack and make this a riff you won't want to miss.

Great Riff:
Bill: "Music makes it sound like someone's sneaking around in a Nick Swardson comedy."
Kevin: "Wait, Nick Swardson makes comedies?! Why am I always weeping when I leave one?"
Mike: "Why are you going to Nick Swardson movies?!"
Kevin: "I thought they were compulsory, you mean they're not? Man, I'm learning so much today!"

Title: Re: Rank a Tenkiller
Post by: losingmydignity on May 26, 2014, 01:50:23 PM
Liked this one a lot. I went into it with low expectations because generally the serial killer/horror genre hasn't been the funniest for the guys. But this movie was so bad it gave and gave. It had an almost amateur feel to it and what a script (if there was one). Olivia Newton John was awfully cute though.
I give it an A on this scale.