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Title: Anything by Bruno Mattei
Post by: Alex K. on November 29, 2012, 06:17:41 PM
Hate to be one of those guys who just registered and makes a request but I've always been meaning to make this kind of request. It looks like there might be a decent chance with the guys riffing on Ghosthouse and Bloody Pit of Horror but I can't believe they've yet to do a Bruno film. He is the Italian Ed Wood after all.

The guys could have a field day with any number of his films:

Rats: Night of Terror.

Hell of the Living Dead.

Terminator 2 aka Shocking Dark.

S.S. Girls.

Women's Prison Massacre


Jaws 5 aka Cruel Jaws.

Strike Commando.

The Other Hell.

Zombi 3 (He partially directed that one but still).

Even the more recent ones like Zombies the Beginning (which is a scene for scene ripoff of James Cameron's Aliens), Island of the Living Dead, and the Tomb.

I could see them skipping Jaws 5 because it could be difficult to obtain the rights and maybe skipping on Hell of the Living Dead because of the Mondo footage but the rest of the films are perfect.