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Title: Using Movienizer
Post by: melikamiki on September 28, 2011, 05:40:25 PM
For anyone using Movienizer (or any other media organizer), I've cut up Joshway's DVD case labels into a front & back cover for use in this program.   :-\No, I didn't ask for permission first.  ::)Yes, I maybe should have, but since they were given freely, I freely butchered them for use in my database. (I hope you don't mind Joshway!) The point is, it took many an hour to do this & I hate to think of someone wasting their time repeating what I just did. So in the spirit of freely doing work for the benefit of others, I'm offering my pathetic labors to anyone who is interested. Unfortunately, it will be by e-mail. Many, many e-mails & if we're both lucky, I won't be on dial-up at the time. :scared: