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Title: MXC Marathons Fridays Noon To 6PM...
Post by: Thom_Serveaux on February 09, 2007, 03:46:43 PM
 >:(   [RANT]Okay, I want to apologize for creating a new thread for MXC.  I just felt that there seamed to be enough fans of the show to warrant this breaking news flash, as it were.... I really only have two gripes with Spike TV. Number two being that they're extremely lax in producing new episodes.  But even that pales in comparison to my number one pet peeve.  That would be how they are constantly screwing around with its' time slot, usually with little or no warning.  Case in point, last month it was placed  late at night on the weekends. usually 2 or 3 eps at a time.  This month I hadn't seen much of it there.  I went to the website about 5 minutes ago and discovered that for this month there's one ep on Thursday at 12:30am (which to me is actually Friday morning) and Fridays stating at noon for 6 hours (a total of 12 half hour episodes)
And I Just Missed Them All!!!  On the plus side they appear to be repeating this pattern for the remaining two Fridays this month, at which point it's anybodies guess come March...  [/RANT]    >:(   
Sorry everyone, I just had to get that off my chest...