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Title: Musical Menus.
Post by: Thrifty on September 25, 2010, 01:49:58 PM
Main menu (http://www.mstabosz.com/Rifftrax/Menus/High_School_Musical/High_School_Musical_Main_Menu.jpg).
Chapter selection page 1 (http://www.mstabosz.com/Rifftrax/Menus/High_School_Musical/High_School_Musical_Chapter_Menu_1.jpg).
Chapter selection page 2 (http://www.mstabosz.com/Rifftrax/Menus/High_School_Musical/High_School_Musical_Chapter_Menu_2.jpg).
Main Menu music (http://www.mstabosz.com/Rifftrax/Menus/High_School_Musical/High_School_Musical_Main_Menu_Music.ac3). (AC3 format).
Chapter Menu Music (http://www.mstabosz.com/Rifftrax/Menus/High_School_Musical/High_School_Musical_Chapter_Menu_Music.ac3). (AC3 format).
DVD Lab Project File (http://forum.rifftrax.com/index.php/topic,17657.0.html).

Since this was a musical, there was plenty of music to choose from.  Since it's a popular subject for karaoke among its target audience, there were plenty of non-lyrical versions.  I picked two instrumental tracks from the soundtrack, but I can't remember what they were called.
Title: Re: Musical Menus.
Post by: Kabibble22 on September 27, 2010, 09:21:06 AM
Thought I'd add mine as well.

Main Menu (http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/709/mainmenua.jpg)
Scene Selection Menu (http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/6312/scenemenu.jpg)
Main Menu Music AC3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?juq66lq7olk16ys)
Scene Menu Music AC3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?styrtitbyimkkwu)

Thrifty, I haven't listened to the music files you chose, but seeing as I also went with two instrumental songs from the soundtrack, I suspect we may have the same ones.  DVDLab Project to follow as soon as I compile my own project.