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Title: Plan 9 MPGs Corrupt
Post by: Blaine on March 31, 2010, 06:56:14 AM
I did a search for "Plan 9" in this forum, found two posts which aren't related to this. One was for the .divx the other was for iPod. So, if this is a solved problem, very sorry.

I've downloaded the fullsize videos (two part, mpegs) for Plan 9. Part 1 plays okay, part 2 doesn't. I've tried to use MKVMerge to stitch the files together and I get "Invalid MP3 Header" for part 2. Which is odd since part 1 is made of MP1 and MP2. Tried using MKVToolnix 2.4, 2.9 and the newest build via ports.

Quicktime Pro won't open it, Photoshop CS4 won't open it, Double Twist won't open it. VLC will open it, but the video is scrambled for the first dozen frames or so. Plex shows a similar amount of video missing. Both VLC and Plex use FFMPEG codecs.

My MD5 checksums match, so it's not a bad download:

Code: [Select]
blaine% openssl md5 Plan9FromOuterSpace_Part_02.mpg
MD5(Plan9FromOuterSpace_Part_02.mpg)= 7c999d30c59c729421a124b7c6e35bb9
blaine% openssl md5 Plan9FromOuterSpace_Part_01.mpg
MD5(Plan9FromOuterSpace_Part_01.mpg)= 3ef1a019ccbdb5a834882bf026e46c3d

Computer specs are OS X, latest updates of Perin and FFMPEG.

My end goal is to get the higher quality video (the DIVX plays fine but I'd rather have the higher res one) and strip in the original soundtrack as an alternate commentary in an MKV - like I do with all my Rifftrax. I really don't want to re-encode, just remux the video.

Title: Re: Plan 9 MPGs Corrupt
Post by: Thrashalla on April 01, 2010, 10:05:22 PM
Sorry for the tardy reply, I'm the Rifftrax video guy and I'm currently out of town visiting family (using my parents' dinosaur machine to write this as it is)...will be back in the office next Wednesday, but I'll let the office know what is going on and you might see a solution sooner. At the very least you will hear from me Wednesday. I'm sorry you're having a problem with our files...and an odd one at that because I would have thought this would come up sooner, but with recent server moves, updates, and other goings on it could be a recent development.

Title: Re: Plan 9 MPGs Corrupt
Post by: torgosPizza on April 01, 2010, 10:20:02 PM
Yeah I was going to look for the original mpg and see about reuploading the whole one, or trying the upload of the 2nd part again. I have yet to run the mk5 check on the server again, but will try to get to that tomorrow.
Title: Re: Plan 9 MPGs Corrupt
Post by: Blaine on April 05, 2010, 05:25:39 AM
Thanks guys.

I know it's an odd problem to have, it's an aberration from the norm. So please let me know if there's anything I can do on my end to help.
Title: Re: Plan 9 MPGs Corrupt
Post by: Fuzzy Necromancer on October 06, 2013, 08:28:03 PM
I just tried downloading the Plan 9 VOD recently. It plays fine in iTunes, but when I get it to my mp3 player it becomes a green pixelated mess.