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Title: anthony phillips?
Post by: gojikranz on December 07, 2009, 11:17:20 PM
I was wondering if anyone out there listened to Anthony Phillips' music? 
you might know him as the guitarist on genesis' first two albums, but his solo material is just breathtaking.  The geese and the ghost and private parts an pieces vol I in particular would easily make my top 25 albums.  something incredibly timeless and beautiful about his music, when nights get as cold as this one it just feels graet listening to it, i only wish i had a fire and a loved one to hold in front of it.

Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: ConceptJunkie on December 21, 2009, 07:59:27 AM
I've been a huge Any fan since about 1985 and have practically all of his albums.  So yes, there are a few of us out there.

Here are the album's I've got:

1977 - The Geese and the Ghost
1978 - Private Parts and Pieces
1978 - Wise After the Event
1979 - Sides
1980 - Private Parts and Pieces II - Back to the Pavilion
1981 - 1984
1982 - Private Parts and Pieces III - Antiques
1984 - Invisible Men
1984 - Private Parts and Pieces IV - A Catch at the Tables
1984 - Private Parts and Pieces V - Twelve
1986 - Private Parts and Pieces VI - Ivory Moon
1987 - Private Parts and Pieces VII - Slow Waves, Soft Stars
1990 - Slow Dance
1991 - Finger Painting - Missing Links, volume 1
1992 - Private Parts and Pieces VIII - New England
1996 - Private Parts and Pieces IX - Dragonfly Dreams
1998 - The Archive Collection, volume one
2000 - Soiree
2001 - Missing Links, volume 3 - Time and Tide (with Hoji Hirota)
2003 - Sail the World
2004 - Archive Collection Volume II
2005 - Field Day

p.s.  Speaking of loved ones... back in 1992 when I had my girlfriend (now wife of 16 years) over to my apartment one of the albums I played was "Slow Dance".   :-)
Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: gojikranz on December 21, 2009, 09:12:11 AM
nice collection.  for some reason the only one i have on cd is goose and the ghost(i wanted the second disc of bonus tracks) but i have every vinyl except wise after the event.

i have heard other recomendations for slowdance, i wish i had put it on my christmas list :P.  maybe an amazon gift card will remedy the problem(i can never find him in regular stores :angry:)

how are the other post slow dance ones any in particular i should get first?
Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: trekulruna on January 19, 2010, 09:07:46 PM
Further re-issues scheduled for 2010 (News date: 20-12-09, updated 6-1-10)

Voiceprint Records are set to re-issue more of Ant's back catalogue albums during the course of 2010, with the first release being the first two albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series (Private Parts & Pieces and Back To The Pavilion) which are scheduled for release as a double CD set on 15th February. Both of the albums have been re-mastered for this release and Private Parts & Pieces also features a previously unreleased extra track in the form of a 1976 recording of Movement IV from Guitar Quintet. More information on this release can seen on a new page here.

Update: copies that are pre-ordered from Camino Records will be signed by Ant - pre-orders will be taken soon. The CD can also be be pre-ordered from Voiceprint.

Other re-issues currently in preparation are a re-mastered and expanded double CD release of Sides and a re-mastered edition of Sail The World, which has been unavailable for sometime. More news on these titles will be announced in due course.
Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: gojikranz on January 19, 2010, 11:19:05 PM
yep im definately gonna pick up the PP&Ps release sounds great.
Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: Teaflax on March 27, 2010, 08:57:22 PM
Geese and the Ghost is an overlooked classic of the era. That and his contribution to Genesis alone should assure him legendary status in heart of any true music lover.

I also have 1984 (good) and Sides (passable).
Title: Re: anthony phillips?
Post by: gojikranz on March 29, 2010, 04:17:15 PM
I love side 2 of Sides.  im finally gonna get it on CD with the new 2 disc release coming april.

1984 has a good mood.

good to see someone with more than one post liking ant!

check out private parts and pieces (best version is the new release paired with the also excellent Private Parts and pieces II) if you like geese and the ghost some really great guitar pieces on it.