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Title: Motorhead
Post by: Bob on September 16, 2009, 07:33:06 PM
Motorhead will be playing in Houston on Friday (sadly, I cannot go) and below is a pretty fun interview with him from the local Houston paper.

Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead keep on rockin' and rollin'
By ANDREW DANSBY Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle
Sept. 16, 2009, 11:57AM

Lemmy Kilmister has polluted his body with drinks and drugs for much of the past four decades, yet there's a purity to his band Motörhead. The band is often tagged as metal, despite the fact that it avoids all of metal's stylistic indulgence.

Since starting Motörhead in 1975, Kilmister has persistently made music as loud, fast and persistent as a jackhammer.

Some would fault him for a lack of creative progress, but to Kilmister's credit, a new Motörhead album is as reliable as the calendar: The lyrics will be smart and often funny (he's the only rock guy, in my experience, to use the word “parallelogram”), the tempos will induce whiplash, and Kilmister's scorched voice will course through it all.

Even the band's horned emblem has largely remained the same. “It's aged better than me,” Kilmister quips. Perhaps, but at 63, Kilmister has elevated to an unlikely rock deity, drawing respect and admiration from subsequent generations of musicians who like to be loud. To wit, he's the subject of Lemmy, a documentary due next year.

In the meantime, he keeps busy playing loud music and continuing to live as he did when he was 20. “Drugs were just part of life's rich tapestry,” he says, frankly as always. “I was too sensible to do heroin; that was the only thing I saw that killed anybody.”

Kilmister will steer Motörhead into town Friday. As for living fast at 63, he says, “it doesn't hurt more. It's just more complicated.”

Q: It seems like a while since you've headlined a show in these parts.

A: Yeah, we don't tour in America as much as we'd like because we've never sold here.

Q: I thought there was a little surge of interest over the past 10, 15 years.

A: Well, it becomes more fashionable to like Motörhead every eight years, but it doesn't become fashionable to buy the albums. (Laughs.) The last one was the first time we ever went into the Top 100, so that was something. Got to No. 89 and then back out again. But at least we done it. Every so often we're fashionable, like the time we got the Grammy. That was just a mercy (expletive) because we were 30 years old. We go back in January to start the new one.

Q:That's pretty fast.

A:Well, we are fast, aren't we? We're named after a speed freak. (Laughs.)

Q:You once said Motörhead was the only job you could picture yourself doing. Have you changed your mind now that you're in your 60s?

A:No, it's still my life, you know. I can't think of anything else I could do. Can you?

Q:Ummm . . .

A: I still got a few places we haven't played. China, India, Africa.

Q:Do you have a timetable for getting to those places?

A:Not yet, but there's always hope. China's opening up a lot now. I've been dying to go there for ages. Because I love them Oriental women. (Laughs.)

Q:So you're still adding to the reported 2,000 (women you've slept with).

A: No, it was 1,000, I said. Somebody actually exaggerated that figure.

Q:Well, 1,000 is still formidable.

A: Well, when you consider that I'm 63, I've been (having sex) since I was 15, and I've never been married, right. So it's all been working days, it isn't that many if you look at it that way. It's only a chick every other day for four years. There's a lot more days than that.

Q:You've never warmed to being called a metal band, which makes sense: You didn't have the marathon guitar solos, the drum solos or the spandex. What would you have people call Motörhead?

A: I've always said we were a rock band. I guess hard rock is fine. We had some short drum solos, and there are some guitar solos in there. But we always avoided the spandex. Although today I have to have a stretch fabric top on my trousers, which is a little like spandex.

Q:Why's that?

A:Well I just like tight trousers and, y'know you gotta have some room. I come from the '50s, when I first started putting jeans on, I liked them skin tight. Some were so tight they had zippers on the bottoms. Lime green socks, straight shoes.

Q:Sounds like you've suffered for fashion.

A:I don't follow it now, but I did then. Of course back then you'd buy this ridiculous outfit and it'd be run out two years later. That always (ticked) me off. You'd have an entire useless wardrobe.

Q:Is your Grammy in a prominent place or is it a doorstop?

A: It's not a doorstop, but then again it's not on a pedestal, either. It's in a cupboard in our room. They're heavy, though. It feels like you're holding something. I guess it could make a good doorstop.

Q:Do you feel like you've made it when there's an action figure made of you?

A:I guess, I just think it's funny. They made all these different ones, with different guitars and shirts. It's very strange. I told them to put a (expletive) on it. That's the only way to really make it an action figure.

Q:Do you remember the first album you bought?

A: The first single was on 78, Tommy Steele's Knee Deep in the Blues. My first 45 was Peggy Sue Got Married. I have a Buddy Holly bias. I'm still a big fan.

Q:Have you passed by the grave site?

A: No, I'm convinced he's dead. (Laughs.) I don't have to see a body or anything.

Q: Despite the gawky appearance, I've read he behaved a lot like a rowdy rock 'n' roll guy.

A:Yeah, he was wild wasn't he? Little Richard told wonderful story … (Kilmister proceeds to tell a backstage story we can't print). Even among the gawky, he was gawky. He just looked like that. It wasn't his fault.

Q: Is it still the same thrill playing today as it was in, say, 1977?

A:Well, nothing was as fun as it was in '77 for my generation. Still, I like it fine. It's better than being at home. It's where I belong, out on a bus.

Title: Re: Motorhead
Post by: MrTorso on September 16, 2009, 07:56:04 PM
That is pretty funny.  I really, really can't wait for the Lemmy Movie.  It is to bad you can't make the show. I saw it here in Boston and it was awesome. Nashville Pussy and Rev. Horton Heat were great.
Title: Re: Motorhead
Post by: torgosPizza on September 16, 2009, 08:46:10 PM
Motorhead is legendary - one of the loudest, heaviest, craziest shows I have ever been to. Utter insanity, and I loved every minute of it.
Title: Re: Motorhead
Post by: MrTorso on September 16, 2009, 08:57:08 PM
Definitely the loudest that I have ever been to with the Ramones being a close second.
Title: Re: Motorhead
Post by: RobtheBarbarian on September 16, 2009, 10:17:57 PM
Seems like the closest they're coming to me this time around is somewhere in Canada. So here I wait, ever faithful, hoping Lemmy will answer my prayers.