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Title: Some kind of subscription feature for iriffs?
Post by: mr.b.natural on August 20, 2009, 02:51:23 AM
My brother asked me a question that I really didn't have an answer to but it got us thinking.  He asked if Rifftrax offered some kind of "watch" feature that made it easy for customers to know when a particular user had uploaded a new iriff.  We concluded that a feature similar to YouTube's "Subscriptions" would be really cool.  This benefits the iriffers, obviously, but it would also be beneficial to customers as most iriffers do not upload on a regular basis and often go months without posting new riffs.  Customers forget about them and no one wins in that scenario.  Is there a feature like that already offered by Rifftrax?  And if not, is it something that would be considered?  I realize members have the option to receive emails from Rifftrax that relate to official news but I was thinking about iriffers and their fans.