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Title: 2009 Esquire Fiction Contest
Post by: bettertomorrowamy on May 20, 2009, 11:12:35 AM
http://esquiresubmissions.com/ (http://esquiresubmissions.com/)
Welcome to the new Esquire Fiction Contest

We encourage you to enter, but you have to follow the rules. The first and most important rule—besides, of course, that the story has to be original—is that the story must be based on one of three titles that we have provided. The titles are:

1. “Twenty-Ten”

2. “An Insurrection”

3. “Never, Ever Bring This Up Again”

A date, a thing, and a statement. No exceptions. Make of them what you will, do with them something great. But no taking an old story and slapping one of our new title on it. We’ll know, and we won’t be happy.

Second rule: Your story cannot exceed 4,000 words. We are serious about that too.

Other rules: You may submit only one story. The contest begins on May 1, 2009. All entries are due by midnight of August 1, 2009 and must be submitted electronically here.