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Title: SomethingMAN!!
Post by: Action Batch on July 11, 2008, 06:23:11 PM
In this game I opt that we scour these internets to find the most ridiculously funny superheros that usually begin with a noun, in this case Condor, and end with Man. Give us a brief, silly synopsis of what the movie/comic book/radio serial/novel COULD or SHOULD be about, and let the hilarity ensue.


Yes CONDORMAN!! He swoops, he files, he fights crime and he's endangered!!! Move over Ator! One side Harvey Birdman! It's CONDORMAN!!! Lets follow the adventures of our hero over what appears to be...uh, I dunno, Spokane WA, yeah, that looks right.
Title: Re: SomethingMAN!!
Post by: RVR II on July 11, 2008, 06:27:38 PM
(http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h275/rvr2/supperman.gif) :P
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Post by: Tripe on July 11, 2008, 08:05:08 PM

After his parents are killed in front of him, because they crossed between parked cars in order to escape the crush of people leaving the theatre, billionaire (no, really, well ok no not really) body actor Dave "Dave" Prowse spends his days when not having his voice dubbed over by a distinguished sounding American acting Great, attempting to rid the world of the menace of parked cars.

At first he honed his body to be up to the task of confronting the parked car threat but then he wondered, "how will I strike fear into the hearts of those bastard stationary vehicles?" only it sort of sounded more like "'ow wul OI stroike feur inta thu 'earts ov dose barrstarrrd stayshunaaarrry ve'culs".

Long he pondered until a freak confluence of events involving an ambulance and Dave's red-green colour blindness inspired him, it didn't mean much but to his hard cider addled mind the green cross would be the perfect symbol of his quest.

And so while the world must think that Dave "Dave" Prowse is just the bloke inside the Vader suit, he is in fact Green Cross Man!.

And don't you dare cross near parked cars, or he'll get very pissed off or something.

I liked that film when I was small.
Title: Re: SomethingMAN!!
Post by: Doktor Sleepless on July 12, 2008, 12:12:25 AM

Title: Re: SomethingMAN!!
Post by: LBeria on July 12, 2008, 01:46:51 PM
Michael Crawford in his pre-Phantom (of the Opera) days....so sad....

But....I bring you.....



I first heard the idea of Popeman in Eddie Izzard's concert Circle.


Little did I know that there REALLY is a comic book called Popeman!!

From Wikipedia:

The Incredible Popeman (Homopater in Latin) is the name of a Colombian comic book by Rodolfo León Sánchez being released in tribute to Pope John Paul II, reincarnating him as a superhero who uses various superpowers to battle Satan and the forces of darkness.

Late in the making of the comic, Rodolfo Leon received a Cease-and-Desist letter from DC Comics, to which he answered by changing the color schemes on all the borrowed characters that show up advising John Paul II on how to be a superhero (they retain their original colors in the "bonus" pages of the book, though). While he complied, Rodolfo to this date still claims that the legal action was unfair and illegal, and that his use of copyrighted characters is fair on the grounds of homage and artistic appropriation. He says that DC failed to realize the true nature of the book: an art book collecting a series of paintings which, when seen in a certain order, give the viewer the feeling of just having read a comic book. This definition has not helped the book's reception among Colombian comic fans, who feel that it is perpetuating the common misconception that comics can't be art and vice versa.

The comic has sparked widespread coverage in the international press, and although it is currently only scheduled for release in Colombia and Poland, publishers in Mexico, Canada, and the United States have expressed interest in the book. The first volume features a reincarnated John Paul II gaining superpowers and learning how to use them from other famous heroes such as Batman and Superman.

The artist expressed a worry that some might be offended by the transformation of the deceased Pope into a superhero, but remarked that he was receiving a favourable response to the book.
Title: Re: SomethingMAN!!
Post by: gammer on July 12, 2008, 06:58:56 PM
ok this one has been done already, but I couldn't resist...



He possesses traditional superpowers (such as the ability to fly) and some decidedly non-traditional ones (flatulence, the ability to scrape toast shavings from his head). He can fly by launching himself from a toaster, or dispensing a healthy amount of flatulence. He can fly backwards, or at an angle. His catch phrase is "Leave everything to me!" Powdered Toast Man hides his true identity behind the guise of Pastor Toastman, a "cool" youth deacon. His call to action is the shouting of his name, with significant stress on the "man": "Powdered Toast MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!"